Alumni or alumni are spending their busy time in their careers after finishing their university life. It may not be possible for anyone to keep track of where their classmates or graduates are, what they are doing, and what research or initiatives they are working on. This is a great platform for alumni, graduate networks or gradnet.

Naturally the question arises as to what is Gradnet and and how important it is. Let’s talk about the benefits and activities of Gradnet. The Graduate Network or GradNet is basically an initiative to bring alumni under one roof. Alumni can easily join through this. Through the unity of the alumni, it will be possible to develop the country, universities, schools and colleges and provide financial assistance for various needs.

The network is made up of information about who the alumni are and where they are contributing. By using this information, the graduates will be able to develop the society and their favorite educational institution through great work.

Graduate Network Platform, GradNet is created by local technology company, TechNext Limited. Syed Rizwanul Haque, co-founder and managing director of Gradnet, said, “Only alumni meet at the reunion each year. These talented alumni are not doing any good work or working together for the betterment of the educational institution only due to lack of regular communication and proper platform. The graduate network has been created to address that shortage. ”

Graduate network platform, Gradnet has the advantage of opening its own profile of alumni. You can communicate with each other if you want. There are many features like event management, fundraising, membership fee collection, job search. There is a facility to make a CV. Alumni of many universities including Islamic University of Technology, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Northeast Medical College, Green University EEE, Jahangirnagar University have already joined the gradnet. Also many non-profit organizations and graduates are using the network platform.

Benefit from Gradnet, both alumni and their organizations. According to the information provided by Gradnet, through the use of Gradnet:

Current students and young alumni can be mentored. This will make their future journey easier. Students will get exclusive opportunity to know higher education, career guidelines, research, latest industry trends etc.
The support of local talents will benefit both the new alumni and Saber alumni. Also many alumni can provide facilities like industry visit, internship, CV review.
In case of need or financial help, it is possible to solve the problem easily by creating an emergency fund with the help of alumni talk.
It is possible to help others by discussing the latest industry trends, career festivals, research paper writing, higher education preparation, etc. through events such as the Alumni Leader Summit.
The bottom line is that an organization can succeed very easily through small contributions from alumni. Suppose 20% of alumni in an organization are more successful with the help of others. Within a few years, the success rate will reach 80 percent. For example, during the Corona period, more than 5,000 members of 18 alumni associations raised more than Rs 5 million using the platform. Details about the graduate network can be found at this address