One new feature after another is being added to WhatsApp. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is already hugely popular for its smooth messaging facility. Constantly adding new features is increasing the users’ interest in using the app. Let’s find out about the 7 new features of WhatsApp.

Disappearing Message – Disappearing Message
Features like Facebook Messenger’s vanishing messages have been added to WhatsApp. This feature can be used as per the wishes of both the users as well as the general chat. To turn on the disappearing message feature in a chat –

Enter the setting in which you want to turn on the disappointing message in the chat
Log in to profile
Enter the Disappearing Messages section and turn it on
Following the same procedure, selecting “Off” will turn off the feature for that chat. Messages that will be sent after launching this feature will be automatically deleted after 7 days. Also, a time icon will appear in the profile picture of the profile where the disappearing message feature is turned on.

New Wallpapers – New Wallpapers
WhatsApp’s wallpaper customization has undergone major changes. Enter Settings from WhatsApp’s three-dot menu. If you select Wallpaper from the Chat section, users will see all the new wallpapers and settings. Also from now on different wallpapers can be set for each chat.

Storage Management Tool – Storage Management Tool
As a result of having ads in various groups of WhatsApp, many media files are saved in the storage of our phone. These media files occupy a huge amount of storage WhatsApp has added a new feature of storage management so that these unnecessary files do not take up space in the storage of the phone without any reason.

To use the new storage management tool –

Enter Settings from WhatsApp’s three-dot menu
Access Storage & Data
Delete unwanted files on your phone using the option called Manage Storage
Messenger Room – Messenger Room
WhatsApp already has video calling facility but it is very limited. Currently, a maximum of 6 people can participate in the same video call on WhatsApp. However, more than 8 users may need to join the same call for various reasons. The Messenger Room feature has been added to WhatsApp as a solution to this problem. A new icon has been added on top of the call icon in WhatsApp’s Call tab. This icon can be used to create messenger-like rooms directly. The feature will also work on the computer version of WhatsApp.

Mute Chat – Mute Chat
From now on, the desired WhatsApp chat can be muted for life. This allows users to turn off specific chat notifications at any time. When you enter a chat’s profile and go to Mute Notifications, users will see an option called “Always”, through which the chat and its notifications can be muted forever.

New Unlock Features – New Unlock Features
WhatsApp has added a new unlock feature to strengthen the security of WhatsApp chats. Android phones that have a fingerprint sensor have the benefit of WhatsApp unlock by fingerprint. WhatsApp has also been added to all iPhones released on iPhone 10 and later with the facility to unlock the app by Face-ID.

New Stickers – New Stickers
Various new stickers have been added to WhatsApp. It contains numerous animated stickers. Added option to search stickers.