LinkedIn is a professional network that connects different professional people. It also serves as a learning platform for users. Although LinkedIn is a very popular social platform nowadays, many people do not know much about it. As you read this post, you will learn about the LinkedIn key, its main features and its usage.

What is LinkedIn?
In a word, you can call LinkedIn Facebook for professionals – is it a little exaggerated? Whether you are a marketing executive at an organization, or a final year student looking for a job, LinkedIn can be useful for everyone. Professionals on LinkedIn can easily connect with other professionals. There are also many career opportunities for those who have just started their careers.

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, which bought LinkedIn in 2016 for 26 billion.

Adding someone to LinkedIn is called ‘connection’, which is a lot like accepting a friend request on Facebook. You can communicate with each other using the private messaging in LinkedIn or the contact information provided in the profile.

LinkedIn can be easily compared with Facebook. There are many different features added for professionals, which makes it unique despite being a similar website.

Key features of LinkedIn
Let’s take a look at the main features of LinkedIn ( and how they work.

LinkedIn website

Home: The page that will be displayed after logging in to LinkedIn is the home page. It’s a lot like Facebook’s newsfeed. Here your connections and the posts made by the companies or people you follow will be displayed.
Profile: You can think of your LinkedIn profile as your virtual CV. Here is your picture, location, experience – all these important information is stored. You can also highlight your educational qualifications, volunteer work on your LinkedIn profile.
My Network: You will find a list of people you have connected to LinkedIn on My Network. This page will also show you the option to add new connections based on your current connection list.
Jobs: Employers post a variety of jobs on LinkedIn every day, which are displayed in the Jobs section. LinkedIn will show you job notifications based on the information in your profile. That’s why good profile editing plays an important role in finding a job from LinkedIn.
Interests: In addition to adding someone as a connection, you can follow the pages of other professionals or companies on LinkedIn. In that case the following people and pages will be counted as your interest.
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Searchbar: We all know the work of search bar. It is very easy to find a professional, company or job using LinkedIn’s search bar. This is a very powerful feature.
Messages: LinkedIn’s messaging works just like the messaging features of the other ten platforms. Using this feature, you can send private messages as well as pictures, attachments, etc. to others.
Notifications: Like other social networks, LinkedIn has a notification tab. Here various information of your connection, specialized recommendations for you, job news are displayed.
Pending Invitations: When someone else sends you a connection request, it will appear in the pending invitation.
These were some of the main features of LinkedIn. When you log in to LinkedIn as a basic account, you will see these features. LinkedIn is a feature-rich platform so you can explore the platform and discover new features.

Use of LinkedIn
The main thing is not to know the main features of LinkedIn or how it works. Many people do not understand what to do on LinkedIn and leave the account open. If you are a new user of LinkedIn or are hesitant to use it, the following tips will help you.

Maintain a relationship with colleagues: You can add your current and old colleagues, teachers, and even classmates as a connection to LinkedIn if you want. This way you can easily connect with their professional life. If you want to make this task easier, you can sync your mail contact list to LinkedIn. Adding your email address also increases the chances of others finding you.
Use the profile as a resume: We mentioned earlier that you can use the LinkedIn profile as your virtual resume. So you can decorate your LinkedIn profile beautifully. You can add a link to your LinkedIn profile in the mail or job cover letter. Many websites even prefer to import information from LinkedIn profiles when hiring.
Finding a job and applying for a job: LinkedIn has made it much easier to find a job and apply for a job. Numerous companies employ people in their firms using one of its main feature jobs. So if you are looking for a job or hoping for a better job, you can start searching from LinkedIn.
Connecting with new professionals: Connecting with old colleagues or acquaintances on LinkedIn is definitely a great thing. As well as local, even inter