Taiwan’s Polytron Technologies has developed a transparent smartphone prototype. The company has tried to use as much transparent hardware as possible on a mobile phone. Initially this handset model did not install any specific operating system but only showed their main goal i.e. transparent working system on the device. It also has multitouch display, camera and other multimedia features.

If you look at the picture of the handset of Polytron, you can see that the light is moving smoothly from both the sides. Only microphones, speakers, memory cards, batteries, SIM cards are not transparent options, so they will be as opaque as the parts of other conventional smartphones. However, research is ongoing to get a completely transparent handset. And some parts like circuit board will be covered with smart glass technology. Polytron smart glass is a technology that disperses molecules that form when there is no power supply, resulting in a cloudy white color. When electricity is received, they are placed in a certain arrangement so that light can pass through them and all in all it is seen to be transparent.

Polytron is quite optimistic about their new discovery. In such a smartphone market, it will undoubtedly emerge as a competitive product. The Taiwanese company hopes to market a transparent smartphone later this year. Now the question is which operating system Polytron chooses. What do you think? Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu or something else (BB OS, Mozilla etc.)?