The more users the social media giant Facebook has, the more the company’s profits will increase. Because it will be more people to see and click on the ad! But recently Facebook has taken an exceptional initiative. The company has announced that it will pay about four million Instagram and Facebook users to deactivate their accounts in need of a research job.

In addition to deactivating the Facebook account in the research work, even if they participate in a survey, the Facebook authorities will pay them.

The project is part of a study on the impact of social media on the political arena ahead of the upcoming US presidential election.

The study will be conducted by an independent third-party research team with which Facebook has a partnership. The results are expected to be released by the middle of next year.
The research team will study what those who will participate in the project will do on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform at the time, will also take to Instagram, another service of its own, to research how people influence politics or are influenced by politics.

Facebook will pay different amounts to keep the Facebook account closed for different periods. Selected adult Facebook users in the United States will soon see an invitation on their Facebook account to participate in this new study if they wish.

Under this, users will get 10 to 20 per week without using or deactivating their Facebook and Instagram accounts for 1 to 6 weeks.

Would you have taken part in such a study? How much money did you want to exchange for keeping your Facebook account closed for 1 week? Share with us in the comments!